We intend to create happy owners, through a world class customer experience—one pair at a time.



Offering exclusive designs and products known for their unparalleled quality, mood, and self-esteem enhancement. 


WUNIMBE was established in 2019, by Blair “mr1manband” Wilson in Beverly Hills, California. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, Blair became known for his unique sense of style. Inspired by the desire to offer designs and products synonymous with exceptional quality, Blair heads the brand as Creative Director and Chairman. Headquarters remain in California with offices and partners around the world. 


“At Wunimbe, we offer the best materials available in fashion. All of our products are properly tested to ensure quality and meet our high standards.”


“I personally, would not sell a product that I haven't used or tested. I wouldn’t expect our customers to own our products, if I haven’t.

If it’s not the best for us, it’s certainly not the best for you.”